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Avtopromimport enjoys deserved world reputation:

= 1978 - Avtopromimport was granted the international awards of the trade committee "Golden Mercury".

= 1983 - Presidium of the USSR Chamber of Commerce and Industry was granted Avtopromimport with a diploma for active participation in activities of the USSR Chamber of Commerce and Industry and assistance to development of trade and research relations with foreign countries.

= 1993 - Avtopromimport became a laureate of Commercial Prestige international award in recognition of reliability and high-quality indicators of the Company as an international market partner (Madrid).

= 1996 - Best Trademark Honourable International Award.

= Since 1996 Avtopromimport is a member of the World Trade Leaders Club (headquarters in Madrid).

= 1999 - Honourable International Award in recognition of international trade development with European Community.

= 2002 - Honourable International Award, Cold Medal of Association of Industry Assistance.

= 2008 - Avtopromimport on the results of the internatinal competition "National Security", granted with the medal "Guarantee of quality and security" for the best development in the sphere of object safety.


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