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Avtopromimport was established on September 25th 1966 as a part of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the USSR as a special foreign trade division related to purchase of advanced engineering and energy technologies in foreign countries.


For the past years following enterprises were built and commissioned using complete equipment purchased and supplied by Avtopromimport: Volzhsky Automobile Factory /AvtoVAZ /, Kamsky Factory of Heavy Trucks /KamAZ /, Volgodonsky Factory of Nuclear and Energy Engineering /Atommash/, Pskovsky Factory of Heavy Electric Welding Equipment, and other factories; the following enterprises were upgraded: ZIL, GAZ, AZLK, Izhmash, AvtoVAZ, BelavtoMAZ, Zavolzhsky and Yaroslavsky Motor Factories, Izhorsky Factory etc.


Total number of the Company's clients reaches up to about 1000 enterprises and organizations of the Russian Federation and republics of the former USSR, while foreign customers include world-leading manufacturers from over fifty countries of the world.

At present, Avtopromimport remains a state enterprise.

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